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Ideas for this page now being taken

Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our website and the people behind it.

Conceived in 1999, this page originally started out as a way for me to link Websites I found of interest and thought would be useful in my classroom.

Soon I started to list websites my father had passed onto me from his classroom, as well as sites located by other instructors and those interested in Agriculture Education. Since then, it has grown to where it needs to be categorized into different areas of Agriculture Education, and then subcategories began to grow.

Now, the site is evolving once more. This time hopefully into an easier-to-use format so that fellow Ag Educators, Administrators, fellow Educators, and Community members will be able to follow it and understand it. If you have any ideas for it, please feel free to contact me.

Our Staff

Ok. The primary webmaster for this site is me, Brandon Ritter. I am currently the Ag Instructor and FFA Advisor at Clifton-Central High School in Clifton, Illinois. I designed this site because I believe it will simplify our search for good Agriculture sites on the internet. However, there are various other contributors to this site. I just type what they give me as time goes on.

One of the largest contributors to my list of websites is my father, Mr. Allen Ritter, Advisor of the North Clay FFA Chapter. He always has a new list of websites to be posted. If it wasn't for the stacks of websites and website descriptions I have from him, this idea would never have been conceived

FCAE-Facillitating Coordination in Agricultural Education.

Jay Runner, Coordinator
District 1: Richard Treat
District 2: Ron Biondo
District 3: Larry Pfeiffer
District 4: Joe Webel
District 5: Dean Dittmarr

Serving the State of Illinois, they keep Illinois Ag Educators up-to-date on what is going on in Ag Education and provide various resources for us to use.

Our Location

See "Contact Us" If you have ideas for input, please let us know.