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Extra, extra!

Whoa!! What teacher doesn't like to get free stuff in the mail. Especially useful stuff. Stuff that you personally ordered. Well, here are some sites that might be useful to you in your field.

FREE for Teachers

Free CD Holders for eachers, Office Staff, or Colleges

Free Educational Videos from VPW

Free Nutrition Information, Lesson Plans, Misc.

Free JELLY BELLY brand Jelly Beans

Free Ocean Planet Cd-Rom

Free Electrical Safety Video from Underwriters Laboratories

Whiz Kid Activity Packs.. Including Agriculture Info

Other Teacher/Student Resources.coms

Survival Guide for New teachers

SAE Guide

Fouke FFA Lesson Plans Ag related Pics Software puzzles or make your own (Excellent for Terms)

Teacher Resources (Grants)

Parent Sources

Carl D. Perkins Vocational and technical Education Act Information

Standards Information Source


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