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I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.


Note:  We lost Roly in Spring of 2003.  We think he was attacked by a pack of wild stray dogs or a coyote.  Tippy had returned home and was all scratched up when he returned. 
Roly is a dog that lived at my parent's home. He was a typical farm dog. That means DO NOT try to pen him up. He will get very testy. So will his owner if he finds out. I will let him loose-ask mom. That also means he is of the Heinz-57 breed, as they say. We recieved him from some cousins whenever we had to have Shelty, Buttons II, and Missy put to sleep (They liked live chickens waaay too much). Roly is very much my dog. When I go home, he will run out to greet me, even if I am with everyone else I am the first one he will find.

Rolz, as I nickname him, is not at all spoiled. He has his own swing on the porch. If you sit on it, he will hop up and nudge until he is petted. Dad carries him around like a baby and gives him rides in the truck. He is the calm one of the 3 my sis and I own.

When I went away to SIU, he would leave shortly after I did to who-knew-where. He would not stay home until I came home for summer after my Junior year. He was lonesome without my attention (I swear I didn't spoil him). Breanna decided we REALLY needed a dog around the house, so she conned my uncle into giving her a Border Collie pup (Tippy-Toes, aka Tippy).

Cocoa is a 1/2 Shelty Collie mix.  We obtained her from one of my High-School classmates sister.  The mother is a purebred.  
Cocoa came to us in March of 2001.  She was approximately 6 weeks old when we obtained her.  Cocoa is primarily Vincent's pup.  Leanne had moved with a German Shepherd, DT-her dog- and Inga-her mom's dog.
Cocoa was a housedog to start, but is primarily outside.  Cocoa will bark at anything that moves, including planes in the sky.    


First of all, if you have seen this beagle, you know she isn't lazy. Breanna had to name her because I am horrible at naming animals. As a newly-born pup, she was the calmest of the litter.

Lizzie was born in December of 1999 to Boots, who is my cousins house-beagle. Lizzie is all beagle. She is high strung, likes to run, and loves to bark. She is great with kids, except she might lick them a lot. Vincent is the only one I have seen wear her down.

Lizzie was trained as a house dog. I recieved her while in Hutsonville, and my landlord allowed me to have pets in the house. She is very much the playful pup, and will play with anything she can get her teeth on (Literally).

Lizzie is currently at our home in Woodlawn, IL.  She loves to bark at the tame deer that come into our yard and periodically about up to the house.