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Interested in Aquaculture? Several of these pages were located for a Grant from the Illinois Fish Farmer's Co-op for a Grant given to Hutsonville High School back in 1999-2000 during Brandon Ritter's time there.

Aquaculture Websites

Links to Aquaculture Information

Fish Link Central

Aquaculture Links

Aquaculture and Seafood Links

Louisianna State Univ. Aquaculture Links

Arizona Aquaculture Links

Trevor Keough's Aquaculture-Science-Warez Links

Aquaponics Links

Hydroponics Links

WebFanatix Hydroponics Links

Links2Go Hydroponics

Yahoo Hydroponics Links (Not searched, but listed at Snap)

Twin Pine Farm Hydroponics Links

The Aquamist Links Page

Internet Sources of Information on Aquaculture

The National Council for Agricultural Education Aquaculture Page

Illinois Aquaculture Industry Association

Aquaculture Network Information Center

Aquaculture Resources Online

Texas A&M Aquaculture

James Cook University, School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture

Aquaculture Resources

Aquaculture Magazine

Agricultural Farm and Rural North American Resource Guide

Arizona Aquaculture

Aquaculture Technology

Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation

Northern Aquaculture

An Aquatic Resource Management Programme: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Aquaculture Production Technology

Northwest Fisheries Science Center

The Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center Home Page

S & S Aqua Farm

Aquatic Network

Professional Aquaculture Services

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center


World Wide Web sources (including gopher servers and FTP sites) for aquaculture, fisheries, aquaria and fish diseases

Aquaculture Professional Organizations

World Aquaculture Society

American Fisheries Society

Texas Chapter of American Fisheries Society

Colorado Aquaculture Association

Maryland Aquaculture Association

Global Aquaculture Alliance

Tucson Koi Society

Native Fish Conservancy

Aquaculture Education

Aquaculture Online

North Atlantic Fisheries College

North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC)

Internet Resources for Aquaculture Education

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution


Aquaponics Short Course

Nature Perfect

Aquaculture Research

Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (PD/A CRSP)

Aquaculture Consultants

Fisheries Technology Associates

Bio-Con Labs, Inc

Aquasol, Inc

P.D.M. and Associates

Aquaculture Dealers (Sell Aquaculturally applied items, some including aquaculture systems)


Flower?ish Farm

M & M Incorporated

A-1 Aquaculture

Columbia Fiberglass

Aquatic Ecosystems, Inc.


Jenson Lake Mower


Atlantis Hydroponic

Growell, Inc (word of warning-they are in England)

Aquaculture Product Dealers

Aqua Farm

Caesar?quaculture Fishery

Water Garden Supplies

Water Tropicals

Reeds N Weeds Water Garden Supplies

Pond-O-Mania Pond Supplies

Lilypons Water Gardens

Garden Goods


Aqua Art

Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Definition of Aquaponics

Aquaponics Mail Group

Basic Hydroponics Information

Global Issues Network

Nelson/Pade Multimedia

Mineral County Aquaculture Project

Harvest Springs

RD Aquaponics

MC Aquaponics

Home Grown Hydroponics-How to and Setting Up

Employment Opportunities

Education for Aquaculture Careers

Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Deakin University

James Cook University

Univ. of Idaho

Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology

Aquaculture Careers

Magazines and Newsletters

?ctical Hydroponcs and Greenhouses Magazine??

?Visions Magazine??tp://

?yland Aquafarmer??wsletter

?wing Edge??gazine

General Links

Environmental Links

WWW Agriscience Resources

Links2Go Biotechnology

Suffolk County Farm and Education Center (New York)

Delmar Publishing Internet Links

A Paper on Hydroponics

Pond Links

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