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Welcome to!! Please note that is not our address, simply our title.

In Agriculture Education, the nature of our classes is always in motion. While we are still based out of Production Agriculture, so much Science, Technology, and Business is involved that it is difficult to keep up. Through this website, we hope to let Ag Educators and Agriculturalists provide others with websites in various areas of agriculture.

This site will list and categorize those websites to Agriculture Educators and Students across the USA, and possibly even the planet. We will also try to list those who have contributed in some way to the production of this website, whether financially, with websites, or otherwise.

Once again, feel free to contact us with websites you think can be used by Ag Educators or Business or even Science Educators across the nation. While some sites may be Illinois-specific, they are meant to be used by everyone. We at the North Clay and Clifton-Central FFA Chapters hope this will make your career in Ag Education a little bit easier. Please note that we do not guarantee any of the information on the websites will be current. However, if you see a problem with a link, contact us.

Also, Feel free to link to this site. We appreciate the support that it shows for our chapters and for

Brandon Ritter,
Clifton-Central FFA Advisor

Copyright 1999-2001, Brandon Ritter